Have you looked at summer tires and wondered what’s the difference? Summer tires are built to withstand heat and wet conditions with asymmetrical tread patterns, shallower grooves, and a solid rib in the middle. With a stickier compound made for traction control, summer tires perform better when you need to prevent hydroplaning in rainy conditions.

However, you may want all-season tires if you're in an area where it's colder or moderate than extremely hot or rainy. All-season tires don’t have the same traction during summer months for wet, rainy roads. Instead, their grooves are deeper, and their tread patterns are designed as symmetrical. These features make it a great tire for year-round performance.

What tires are best for driving around Wilkes-Barre, PA? We can help you answer that question at Ken Pollock Maserati. We offer a wide range of tire selections including performance tires and all-season tires.

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